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Choosing to complete your surgery abroad is perhaps a much more difficult choice than choosing a clinic in the UK, this is because there is much more research involved in the process as well as much less face to face discussions available to you; you will also have various locational choices available to you, the majority of these being in Europe however you may also consider clinics as far as Mexico as well as many other areas of the world which offer good prices for the procedure. One of the main disadvantages is that consultations with clinics abroad are usually chargeable as they require a surgeon to be in the UK, they usually cost around £100 and in that sense you will need to be clear on which clinic you would like to go with before arranging a consultation. There are a number of topics which you should consider when evaluating the clinics and prices of surgery abroad.

Requirements for Surgery

It is required with all weight loss surgery that you meet specific guidelines set out, it is recommended that surgeries abroad are meet specific international guidelines when offering surgery to you. These requirements are in the majority of cases similar or equal to:

  • Individuals with a BMI of 40 or above, if you have any medical conditions which could be improved by the surgery you may be considered if your BMI is above 35.
  • You must demonstrate that you are prepared to adapt your lifestyle once the procedure is complete.
  • You will need to provide evidence that you have attempted all other means of weight loss and that these have not been successful for you.

With the surgery taking place abroad there are some clinics which follow contemporary research as oppose to the guidelines set out in the UK so you may have an increased chance of being considered for surgery abroad if you were refused in the UK.  Although you will need to provide evidence of attempting to lose weight prior to turning to weight loss surgery, it will be a much more lenient process when providing this evidence as it would have been in the UK, so you may find getting accepted for a gastric bypass abroad is much easier than in your own country.

The Cost of a Gastric Bypass Abroad

The price of the procedure abroad is the main selling point, as Gastric Bypassing is the most expensive of all weight loss surgery you may find that you are much more likely to consider this option when looking at the best choice for you. There are numerous packages which clinics will offer, these can include the surgery itself, accommodation for and after the procedure (the duration of this stay is varied widely across clinics) as well as airfare, whereas other clinics may just offer a price which covers the cost of surgery.  You will find a variety of prices on offer to you, which depend on a number of things such as the type of package you are offered, the type of aftercare you will receive, as well as which country you chose to have your procedure in.  You will see the majority of surgical prices around the £6,000 mark which is considerably cheaper than the average UK cost.


Clinics abroad often use the process where a deposit is required prior to your procedure, you will usually be required to pay the full amount within a certain amount of time again, prior to your procedure, it is usually around 28 days prior. You need to be wary of this however as usually your consultation will not be until the day before your surgery, (unless you have paid for a consultation in the UK with a representative from your clinic), this can cause problems as in some contracts which you may agree to you will sign to understand that the surgeon will make a decision on whether you are fit for surgery. This could pose a danger, as you may not be entitled to a refund if you are refused; this is perhaps all the more reason to pay for a consultation within the UK.

Aftercare Abroad

Many clinics abroad will have a representative who visits the UK on a weekly basis, they often provide you with your aftercare treatment. You should when offered a package price have a specific amount of aftercare provided for you, this is usually around two years. Again surgeries abroad are less likely to adhere to strict rules like clinics in the UK or the NHS would, so you will definitely benefit from researching what types of aftercare your specific clinic will offer to you. Be aware that although many clinics do offer a 24 hour emergency hotline, if a severe emergency occurs, you may not be able to get to the people who are responsible for dealing with these complications which may occur.


There is a lot of advice available for surgery abroad, it is recommended that you ensure you receive advice from a trustworthy source, and you yourself conduct as much research as possible into various areas of the procedure:

  • The qualifications of the surgeons
  • The past history of the clinic and country
  • Is accommodation or airfare included in the price?
  • What kind of aftercare package will you receive?
  • What will be available to you in the case of an emergency?

It is important that you complete as much research into the areas as you feel necessary to ensure you are comfortable if you are to go ahead with surgery abroad.

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