Pain from Gastric Bypass

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With all types of surgery it is realistic to expect some kind of pain due to the nature that something is being done to your body that isn’t natural. The best way to deal with this pain is to understand what may occur so you can be fully prepared for any pain that you may have.

Surgical Pain

You will most likely experience pain directly after your procedure has been completed; you may experience swelling, bruises and anything that is to be expected from your body healing after an operation.  You will however be prescribed medication, which the hospital feels necessary to relieve any of this pain. You may experience slight pain whilst your surgical wounds heal, however again you will be in the best hands as you will be in hospital for a minimum of 3 days following your surgery. You will only be able to drink small sips and will not be able to eat solid foods for several days, this is to reduce any stomach pain and nausea that could be caused by excessive eating, you will again receive advise from a support team so you can reduce this risk at home too.

Other Types of pain

You may feel slightly uncomfortable when coming around after your surgery as you may have tubes attached to certain areas of your body, often people will have a catheter fitted, which will drain urine from your bladder, you may also have tubes which drain fluid away from your wounds attached, as well as a tube through your nose which will reduce any air trapping which will cause you to feel sick or become bloated.

After Hospital

You will expect to stay in hospital for a minimum of 3 days, however if complications arise post-operation you will need to stay longer for the right treatment to be provided for you.  Once you are discharged from the hospital you will need lots of rest and to adapt your diet sufficiently, this will influence your recovery. A standard recovery after this procedure takes between 3 and 5 weeks, however this recovery time can depend upon what time of procedure you had as well as whether any complications were experienced, recovery can sometimes take up to 8 weeks. It is usually handed to you personally to ensure that you change your life and eating habits sufficiently, so your body is put under the least amount of stress necessary and recovers in the quickest possible time.

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