Preparing For a Gastric Bypass

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Preparing for your operation is a crucial part of your surgery; you are most likely to be very nervous and anxious about what is to come. You will however not be without help, prior to your surgery you will have various consultations.

Support From Others

It is helpful for you to gain as much support as possible from your friends and family to assist you with any problems you may have, and to support you throughout the procedure, as well as after your release from hospital. You will need to arrange transportation to and from the hospital on the day your procedure will take place. You will receive support from your surgeon and doctor with regards to any gastric bypassing issues you wish to discuss, they will deal with your blood pressure and all other aspects of medical issues. You will need some support with regards to your diet and lifestyle on discharge from hospital, and you will be provided with a skilled dietician and a psychologist. This support will assist in the aiding of you normalising yourself with a brand new routine that you will have to adopt after your operation. The Psychologist will assist with addressing any issues you may have; they will assist in maximising your progression and success prior to the procedure, as well as after. They will also be responsible for assessing you and making decisions as to whether you are fully prepared and in the right frame of mind for the procedure to go ahead.

Preparation For Surgery

Due to the type of operation you will be having, you will need to ensure your stomach is completely empty, so you must not consume food 24 hours prior to your surgery taking place. You may be asked to reduce your intake of sugars and caffeine, you will most definitely be required to reduce your food intake, it is recommended that you begin to take smaller bites of foods and small sips of drink to prepare yourself for the new eating habits you will acquire after the surgery.

Amount of Preparation

You will be required to prepare for the procedure for a large amount of time; the surgery is seen as a small component in a large lifestyle change. You will be offered a consultation team who will deal with issues, and will gradually build you up to be ready for the surgery. You will need to demonstrate progress over time, and will need to be able to display the right frame of mind for surgery. Evidence that you are changing your lifestyle will need to be provided for all three consultations with doctors, dieticians and psychologists. You must understand that Gastric Bypass surgery is not a quick weight loss method, a large amount of preparation is needed and you will need to take responsibility for changing your lifestyle.

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