Gastric Bypass Benefits

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Considering weight loss surgery and its benefits is something that should only be considered as a last result. A gastric bypass works by shortening your digestive system, by creating a smaller area of your stomach and connecting it to a tube which bypasses your small intestine, thus making a smaller route for food to travel down, restricting the amount of food your body absorbs - which in turn will reduce your food intake. One beneficial factor of the surgery is that it is often seen as one of the most preferred weight loss surgeries due to the small amount of complications that have been associated with it.

Benefits of Surgery

There are two types of surgery available to you, the most common method is Roux-en-y – this common procedure will be performed while you are asleep, an incision will be made and staples will be used to separate the stomach and create a tube in which you food will bypass the small intestine. The second method is called a laparoscopic procedure, this is where three to four small incisions will be made, and a camera will be inserted into one incision while other surgical instruments through will be inserted through the other incisions, the camera will be displayed on a screen which the surgeon will follow to create the bypass. The average length of surgery is around four hours. Despite the surgery seeming quite intrusive it is a relatively safe surgery option, and is the most common procedure performed on weight loss patients. It is extremely effective and weight loss results are of a high success rate; the first twelve months following surgery will produce the highest weight loss figures, with the majority of patients losing 75 to 80% of their excess body weight.

Medical benefits

Any form of weight loss, through surgery or other means is of course beneficial to your health. Having a gastric bypass can influence the severity of certain medical conditions you may already be suffering from. Many obese individuals struggle with type 2 Diabetes, Heart problems, Infertility, and High Blood pressure amongst others, evidence has shown that receiving this surgery can significantly reduce problems with these medical conditions, and will improve your health significantly and in some cases indefinitely.

Weight loss benefits

You will see the results of the surgery mostly within the first 12 months however studies have shown that within one to four years of the surgery up to a third of your excess body weight will be lost. It is necessary to understand that to ensure that the procedure’s success is maximised, due to the reduction of your stomach size you will need to adopt a strict diet and exercise regime which will aid in this weight loss. Once surgery is completed you will be advised as to what is needed from you to create the most success from the procedure.

Lifestyle benefits

You will need between three and five weeks to recover after having the surgery, and you will need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Once you have recovered from the procedure, results will begin quite rapidly, and the changes to your lifestyle will aid in boosting your self confidence, and your life will begin to improve. If you have been working at weight loss for such a large amount of time and you lose large amounts through this procedure you will immediately feel uplifted and happier within yourself.

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