Gastric Bypass Aftercare & Recovery

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You will receive lots of support when it comes to the aftercare and recovery from a gastric bypass operation, this support should be provided from medical staff at the clinic as well as dietician’s, psychologists and exercise specialists. You will need determination and to put in a lot of work to ensure you get the maximum results after your surgery, often people explain that to lose as much weight as possible you need to follow the rules, it will be up to you to follow such rules and to make sure you at all times are doing your best to look after yourself and to make a speedy recovery, as well as achieving the best results possible.

Gastric Bypass Aftercare

You will be provided with aftercare within the clinic for between 3 and 5 days after your procedure is completed, here you will be provided with prescribed antibiotics and medicine which may be necessary, as well as the assistance you require through guidance and any medical worries you may have. Once you have been discharged many clinics will have a 24 hour emergency line if you have any further worries or problems after you leave. You will also receive guidance and assistance from dieticians and psychologists who can assist with both your healthy eating, and any personal issues you may be struggling with. You will be required to attend follow up visits at the clinic to ensure your procedure has been a success and is working correctly, as well as to ensure you are not struggling with anything that is required of you. These visits will also ensure that your body is recovering correctly, and that no complications have arisen from the procedure. Many clinics offer these aftercare services for around 24 months, it is necessary to research into the duration of your aftercare package as you may sometimes receive a 12 month aftercare package; this is often reminiscent when dealing with surgery abroad.

Exercise after a Gastric Bypass

It is recommended that you stick to a strict exercise regime this will ensure you are achieving the best results; you will receive guidance on this before your discharge from the clinic. It will be recommended that during the first few weeks of recovery you take up light exercise such as walking, firstly to ensure your body is recovering correctly and secondly to get yourself used to your new adapted lifestyle. After a few checkups and once your body is beginning to fully recover usually between 3 and 5 weeks after your operation, you may begin to take part in slightly more strenuous exercise. You may wish to join a class at the gym, or to take part in different types of exercise. Specialists at your clinic will assist in helping you draw up a realistic plan which you feel you can stick to.

Your Diet after a Gastric Bypass

For the first several days after surgery you may only be able to consume small sips of water, or small pureed food. You must ensure you do not over indulge and that you only eat small amounts of food at any one time. You will have access to a dietician and a nutritionalist, and they will recommend the best diet for you as well as what nutritional supplements you can take to ensure your body stays healthy. This will require a severe change in diet and you will need to be prepared to stick to this change.

It’s Up to You

You must understand that even though you have the support and guidance of specialists it is entirely up to you to take care of yourself and to ensure you recover quickly and achieve the best results possible. Weight loss surgery is not a quick fix, and although you may see results even without following set guidelines, you will not achieve the best results that are available to you.

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