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Choosing private health care for your Gastric bypass procedure is a choice which will require considerable amounts of research. There are many private health clinics out there that perform all types of weight loss surgery, and with such a large choice it can become difficult when choosing a surgery.  You must ensure that you do as much research as possible on the matter, and often consultations with private surgeries are free, it is definitely recommended that you try to attend as many consultations as possible, and this will ensure that your decision is the correct one.

Guidelines for surgery

To qualify for any type of weight loss surgery within the UK be it on the NHS or privately, you must meet specific requirements which will deem you fit for the procedure.  If you feel you are overweight and classed as obese you need to be sure that your BMI is above 40 to qualify for the surgery. However if you suffer from any illness which can benefit from your weight loss surgery, such as Type 2 Diabetes or Cardio-Vascular problems, you will be considered for the procedure with a BMI of over 35.

Cost of Private Health Care for a Gastric Bypass

Due to the amount of clinics there are in the UK there can be a large difference in the cost associated with private health care,  the average price you will often find will be around £10,000 however prices can range from between £8,000 to £15,000. This seems like a large price difference and could possibly confuse you as to why one clinic would offer such a low price to one offering a more expensive price, due to the nature of private health care, clinics can charge whatever they feel necessary for their services. This is demonstrated throughout the year when some clinics offering promotions, these promotions are used to attract your attention, and some clinics will offer as much as £1,000 savings near to Christmas.


The differing prices can also be effected by the types of aftercare you will be offered, usually you will be offered aftercare of up to 2 years from the specific surgery, and this will contain various support from health specialists and psychologists as well as physical support from doctors and surgeons. The aftercare packages will vary from clinic to clinic, therefore you should chose the right package that you think will help assist with your weight loss success overall– for example if you feel you will need more assistance from dieticians look for a package with a dietician you feel you can relate to the most. The same goes for exercise, if you feel you will need most assistance in that region chose an aftercare package which will offer you the most support in that area, you can discuss the aftercare package further at your consultation with the specific clinic.

Assistance With Affording The Procedure

This may seem like a large amount, and you may be worried about struggling to pay for the surgery, however many private health care organisations offer different price plans; these plans range from paying in a small number of instalments with little or no interest to paying small instalments over a longer period of time, which you may incur some kind of interest on.  Again it is necessary to consider all the financial options available to you from different private clinics, it is recommended again perhaps that you attend as many free consultations as you wish until you find a price and payment plan you are comfortable with, and that you feel you will be able to afford.

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