Gastric Bypass Dangers & Complications

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With all surgery there are likely to be complications which come along with the procedure. There are specific problems which you may find with all types of weight loss surgery; gastric bypassing surgery is both the most expensive surgery as well as being considered one of the highest risk procedures. You therefore must be aware of these risks, and ensure that you are in the right frame of mind to work at eliminating any problems you can through your behaviour, as well as researching into the procedure and the signs of these problems so if these do occur you can deal with them as soon as possible.

Types of Dangers

It is clear that weight loss surgery complications are reducing over time, as surgeons become more experienced and assess everything relative in any weight loss case; however you may still be unfortunate enough to experience certain complications. The dangers occur mainly just after the operation, they may include bleeding, infection, and ulcers caused by the types of surgical methods used, the reactions which occur can depend on the type of surgery you have; the Roux-en-y method only includes one incision so may reduce the risk of infection, whereas the a laparoscopic procedure creates four to five incisions meaning you will require a higher level of aftercare with regards to your surgical wounds. You may also be at risk of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis or a reaction to any medication or anaesthesia used could occur. Around 10 to 20% of people require additional surgery, you may also require the extra surgery if any of the following occur:

  • Damage to other internal organs due to surgery.
  • Bowel leak caused by the connection of your small intestine to your stomach.
  • The development of Gallstones.

In the unlikely event that any of these problems occur, you will be offered the aftercare and assistance of the medical clinic in which your original treatment was completed. The risk of death from this type of procedure is very small occurring in as little as 0.5% of cases.

Minimising Dangers from a Gastric Bypass

Reading the above, you may be worried about this surgery, however it should be pointed out that weight loss surgery is ever becoming more and more safe. These complications and dangers occur in a small number of cases, and you will be assessed thoroughly before your surgery goes ahead to ensure that these complications will be minimal in your case. Your doctor and surgeon will ensure that you meet specific requirements and that the surgery can be conducted safely, you will also be advised by a specialist team on the best way to deal with the after effects of the procedure, and you will have a certain amount of after care available to you, if any complications are to occur.

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