Results of Gastric Bypass

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It is clear if you are considering weight loss surgery that you will be looking for a dramatic loss in your overall weight. For anyone seeking this kind of surgery it should be considered as one of the final options after all your other attempts at prior weight loss failed. As with all weight loss surgical methods you will begin to see results quite rapidly, however it is necessary to point out that the surgery is not just a quick fix method of weight loss, you will need to work hard at losing the weight through perseverance, a strict exercise regime and a healthy balanced diet.

Physical Results

Most people will find that they are losing between ten and twenty pounds a month within the first 12 months after your procedure, you will also find that after this initial year your weight loss will begin to slow down. To ensure however that you are losing the maximum weight possible both for the first year and the years following, you must follow a strict diet and exercise regime with determination and motivation to gain the best result. Many people find that after around 2 years 50% of their excess weight has been lost, reducing your body weight severely, and quite rapidly,  It has also been noted that around 75% of people have lost up to 80% of their excess body weight within 24 months; Therefore demonstrating an excellent success rate overall for weight loss.

Medical Results

As well as the weight loss your procedure’s results will improve your health quite sufficiently, you may have been experiencing health problems when you were overweight, but after surgery you will begin to lose weight quite rapidly, this will effect these medical conditions and will improve the severity of the majority of problems. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, infertility, and sleep apnea amongst other medical problems, you will see an improvement in these conditions once you begin to lose weight. You will feel much healthier for the weight loss, as well as for the healthy balanced diet you will be consuming and the regular exercise you will be partaking in, overall you lifestyle will be much healthier, improving any medical problems greatly.

Psychological Results

Considering yourself as obese can be very hard to accept and can be damaging to your confidence and personal life. Once you begin to lose weight you will naturally begin to feel better within yourself. Your self-confidence will improve greatly, and your lifestyle will improve. Some people may have found it hard to work whilst being obese - your changed lifestyle will offer great opportunity for you and will open doors you may never have thought would be open to you, and with such an improved level of confidence many people will be much more willing to grab such opportunities.

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