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If you are interested in finding the best price for dermal fillers, then contact a couple of reputable aesthetic clinics in your local area and compare their prices. In general a consultation will cost a small amount, but beware of clinics which offer this service for free – it can be a mechanism to encourage you to choose their surgery and unscrupulous practices may use the ‘free consultation’ as an opportunity to sell you as many treatments as possible. Travelling abroad for a treatment may seem like a cost-effective way to access treatment, and there is some information regarding EU and non EU prices for treatment listed by each product. Be extremely careful when considering this, and fully investigate the company’s policy on post treatment care, and whether the stay is fully-inclusive. Make sure, with any practice, that you don’t sign up for any non-refundable treatments or put down large deposits – a reputable clinic will not require you to do this, and you should always be able to change your mind about a procedure. Further, due to the relatively low cost of dermal fillers, people do not generally tend to travel abroad for the treatment.

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