How Long Does Denture Stabilisation Last?

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There are a number of different factors that influence the health, and hence longevity, of dental implants.

The quality and amount of bone in a jaw receiving dental implants is a major consideration. Implants bestow stability through a strong fusion with the jawbone, this allows for many of the benefits of dental implants including improved bite strength. Poor bone quality, or a limited amount of bone, impedes the fusion between implant and bone, weakening the overall structure and reducing the lifespan of a dental implant.

Another vital consideration is oral hygiene and dental care. The success of dental implants is closely tied in with good maintenance of the mouth. Unhealthy mouths can suffer from infections that ultimately affect the jawbone, weakening implants and leaving the overall structure vulnerable.

Good hygiene is the responsibility of the patient, and a dentist will provide detailed instructions on how to maintain the overall health of the mouth in a manner that prevents damage and decay. With the proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Finally lifestyle choices, most notably smoking, can vastly affect how long an implant can last. Smoking is the best example of a lifestyle choice that can dramatically affect the success of dental implants.

Smoking is a major risk for periodontitis, advanced gum disease which leads to tooth loss and the gradual loss of bone from the jaw. This process is closely linked to failures in dental implant surgery, and is one of the reasons why smokers are advised to quit before receiving implants.

The factors discussed in this article all contribute to how long dental implants can last. With proper care and attention, implants can last for as long as a lifetime, however poor hygiene and behaviours like smoking can dramatically limit the longevity of these implantsand hence of denture stabilisation.

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