Removing Artificial Teeth Stabilised by Dental Implants

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While implants themselves are structural components that provide improved stability, they are also designed to provide you with the option of removing your artificial teeth when necessary. This may seem counter-intuitive at first as having the option to remove a set of dentures may sound like it would limit an implant’s ability to stabilise them, however implants are designed to provide both maximum stability and the ability to remove dentures when necessary.

Some types of artificial teeth need to be removed from the mouth and cleaned or maintained regularly, and it is important that people with implants have access to this option if necessary. While this is not true of all dentures, there are still many in use that require regular removal and maintenance. Implants allow for this option to ensure that dentures that need regular maintenance can get it.

That being said many dentures fitted to dental implants are attached through abutments and can be taken out as and when required.

In summary, while implants provide an excellent level of stability which is a huge advantage when it comes to using dentures with comfort and efficiency, they are also fitted in such a way so as to allow for the removal of said dentures without compromising this stabilisation effect. This is an important consideration which allows for the proper maintenance of dentures, which in turn improves their longevity.

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