Champix Contraindications

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If you are considering taking Champix, there are a number of issues which your doctor must know before you take Champix because they may affect your ability to take Champix or have the normal amount of dosages.


If you happen to have a history of depression, it is required to report this to your doctor before taking Champix. Champix has many side effects, one of which is depression. If you already have depression, taking Champix could worsen it and make your depression even worse. Therefore, you may not be able to take Champix or you may need alternative dosages.

Kidney problems

The kidneys are vital organs which are used to keep our blood clean and remove waste from our system. Kidney diseases can result in kidney failure, which would result in having to have a kidney transplant. If you want to take Champix but have kidney problems, such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetic kidney disease, etc., you must consult your doctor as you may need a lower dosage of Champix.


It is advisable not to have alcohol when taking Champix because it can increase the risk of experiencing certain side effects, namely mental and emotional changes in behaviour. To ensure your well-being and the full effect of Champix to take place, alcohol must be monitored during your use of Champix and you should not take Champix if you are struggling from alcohol addiction.


Diabetes is a condition where there is too much glucose in your blood for your body to use. There have been enquires as to the use of Champix can be linked to causing type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is when your body does make some insulin (unlike type 1 which does not make any), but not enough to be utilised by the cells to limit the amount of glucose being made. However, there has been no official link made between the use of Champix and diabetes, but if you have diabetes, you may need to consider your use of Champix with a medical professional.

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