Smoking Effects on Children

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Smoking has a huge impact in children’s lives in a number of different ways. And unfortunately, the children cannot choose whether they are affected by smoking or not. All the power is in your hands as the parents.

What are the effects of smoking on children?

Firstly, siblings and parents are role models for children. If a child’s parents smoke they are three times more likely to smoke themselves. This encouragement can lead your child into an addiction to smoking, and can therefore lead them to suffer poor health conditions as an adult. Secondly, smoking around children can also be immediately damaging to their health as they are vulnerable to second hand smoke. This can be particularly harmful to children with breathing problems or asthma, and can ultimately lead them to an early death.

What is second hand smoking?

Second hand smoking is tobacco smoke that is inhaled by another person, which can be involuntarily. This is also known as passive smoking. Second-hand smoke can cause severe health problems to those who are around you when you smoke. This is known as side stream smoking; in the USA alone, 46000 deaths per year are the consequence of heart disease caused by passive smoking. This type of smoking is particularly unfair as a child may suffer from second-hand smoking, without being able to do anything about it.

It all comes down to responsibility

As a parent, it is your responsibility that your child does not have to be a passive smoker as you have the power to stop smoking. Even if you do not smoke when you are around your child, the smoking toxins are still in the air and can remain in your living room, in the car or on your clothes. It is important to be a role-model, on order to not harm your child’s health in the present or in the future.

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