Risks of Smoking

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There are many risks which smoking presents; the most obvious one is the risk to your health, and to other people’s health around you. However, not only is your health at risk by smoking, but there are other risks which need to be considered.

Fire Risks

Smoking is also a huge fire safety risk and needs to be taken seriously. 56% of fires in 2005 were started by materials left by a smoker, and it is important to ensure that you eliminate all the risks as a smoker so that you can keep yourself and others around you safe. Cigarette ends can burn for a long time, and they have the potential to catch fire. Sometimes it may be a very small fire which can be easily put out, however this is not always the case. Fires can quickly escalate, and can be a huge risk to the safety of others.

How to reduce the risks of starting a fire

There are a number of ways of how to reduce the risks of starting a fire from smoking. Most of them include using your common sense, for example:

  • Completely stab out the cigarette in an ashtray
  • Don’t rest your cigarette in an unbalanced position
  • Don’t ever leave your cigarette ashtrays (especially around young children)
  • Keep ashtrays clean and empty

Is that all?

These simple procedures can make sure that your smoking habit does not become responsible for creating a fire hazard. And consequently, you and others can feel safer in the comfort of your own home.

Financial risks of smoking

There are also financial risks of smoking. Cigarettes are becoming more and more expensive, and the addiction to smoking can cause some people to end up bankrupt. The cost of cigarette packs is continually increasing, and 76% of that cost is not even from the cigarettes – it is the amount of taxation from the government! Maybe you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, maybe you smoke 100. Either way, if you quit smoking, you would eliminate the financial risk that smoking presents. You could save this extra money, and put it to good use.

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