Is Champix Effective?

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The only way to truly determine whether Champix is an effective method to help you quit smoking is to try it for yourself. Of course, you must keep in mind whether it is the right method for you as it is not suitable for everyone as every smoker is different with different health issues and different needs. In addition, The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, or ‘Nice’, advised the government in 2007 of the effectiveness of this product as they believed that Champix was a positive treatment which should be provided on health services.

Early testing for Champix

When Champix was first created, it followed the correct testing protocol to see if the drug was effective.  It had clinical trials where a group of smokers were divided into two, and half took Champix and the other half took a placebo to see what the effects were. The results were impressive, and after 12 weeks of testing, it was found that 44% of the group who used Champix stopped smoking, whereas only 11% of the group who took the placebo stopped smoking. Also, the results demonstrated that Champix is twice as effective as Zyban, or otherwise known as bupropion.

This suggests that Champix is effective in helping smokers quit, and this also highlights that Champix may be more effective than using Zyban or other oral products to help you stop smoking.

It is not all up to the drugs though…

Of course, if you do decide to take Champix, you must be prepared to follow the schedule for when you have to take the drugs. The effectiveness of Champix will be greatly reduced if you do not take it at the right times, and therefore you could risk your ultimate victory in the battle against smoking.

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