Smoking Effects on Lungs

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The lungs are one of the body parts that are the most affected by smoking. This is because as you inhale a cigarette, the smoke goes directly into your lungs. Lung cancer is one of the most common effects of smoking on the lungs, killing more than 20000 in the United Kingdom every year. This shows just how dangerous smoking is to your lungs, and you have the choice to try and heal yourself so you don’t have to be part of a statistic.

The effect of smoking on the lungs

The lungs are an absolutely vital organ as they allow you to breathe, talk and exercise. If you smoke, you could permanently damage them and forever take away these liberties. Smoking can destroy the lungs, and even use its effect on the lungs to destroy other parts of your body.

How does this happen?

This occurs in a chain of reactions between your lung cells and the cigarette smoke. In more detail, the tar (which is in the cigarette) that you inhale into your lungs destroys cells in the airways of your lungs. This can cause cells to produce uncontrollably which can lead to cancerous cells in your body. The initial damage of the tar in your lungs results in other protecting cells travelling to your lungs. These cells are then destroyed also by the cigarette smoke. Consequently, the newly dead cells release dangerous chemicals which begin to damage the structure of your lungs.

The damage done

The damage done by the smoking can result in some awful diseases. The most common are lung cancer and chronic obstructive lung diseases which can be fatal. 90% of people who die from chronic obstructive lung diseases are smokers. Quitting smoking can, in time, heal the damage done so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of the smoking effects on your lungs.

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