Smoking Effects on Skin

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Smoking does not only affect you internally, but it also can affect you externally. Your skin can be the biggest sign to a stranger as to whether you are a smoker. Unfortunately, it does not affect your skin in a positive way. Smoking can age you very quickly, and give you an exhausted appearance. And most importantly, smoking is not healthy for your skin.

How does smoking affect my skin?

Cigarettes have a drying effect on the skin in general as a result of the tobacco smoke being released into the atmosphere. As an individual smoker, smoking restricts the amount of blood which can flow to the skin as smoking restricts blood vessels. Consequently, the skin has less oxygen and nutrients that it needs to keep it hydrated and coloured. 

Smoking and wrinkles

Research suggests that smoking can increase the chance of developing wrinkles at an early age. This is due to an enzyme that smoking grows which damages the collagen in the skin. Collagen is vital in keeping healthy skin as it keeps skin firm and tight.


Also, smokers are more likely to develop a skin condition called psoriasis. This condition leaves pink blotches all over the skin as the result of smoking causing skin cells to constantly need to be renewed. Although this condition is more likely to happen to women than to men, it is a risk for anyone who smokes, and is not a pleasant experience.

Is it permanent?

Quitting smoking can reverse, or at least stop, certain internal damage that has happened as a result of your smoking habit. Unfortunately, in the case of getting early wrinkles and dry skin, it is not as easy to reverse. Once you have wrinkles, you cannot take them away. That is why it is important to keep your skin because smoking can do permanent damage.

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