Smoking During Pregnancy

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Once you have begun smoking, it can be quite hard to quit. However, sometimes you are presented with circumstances where you have no choice but to quit. Pregnancy is one of those circumstances. Even though it may be difficult, it is extremely important to not smoke during pregnancy as it can put yourself and your baby at great risk, which could result in permanently damaging your child.

How does smoking affect my growing baby?

The toxins released from smoking are highly damaging to your body, and therefore to your baby’s body. Smoking, and even second hand smoke, creates a chain of reactions inside your body which lead to your baby. When you inhale smoke, the smoke flows into your lungs and then certain chemicals, e.g. carbon monoxide, into your bloodstream. As a result, the carbon monoxide replaces some of the oxygen in your blood which can restrict the amount of oxygen that your baby is getting. A good oxygen supply is vital for a baby’s health and development, and every time you smoke, your baby’s heart will have to beat harder every time to receive more oxygen.

The risks

It is obvious of the damaging effect that smoking can have on an unborn baby, but what exactly are the consequences of these effects? Well, it leads to great risks concerning your baby. Smoking during pregnancy increases the chances of having a miscarriage or a stillbirth. Also, there is a greater chance that your baby will be born prematurely and very small, which will make it harder for them to survive.

Over all, it is a risk not worth taking. Smoking during pregnancy has been medically proven as unsafe and dangerous to your baby, so if you start trying for a baby, it is advisable that you crack your habit beforehand.

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