Benefits of All-on-4 Implants

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Dental implants have revolutionised tooth care, and have had a positive impact on the lives of countless people with missing teeth. The technology itself has been improving constantly, and one of the most remarkable and popular innovations thus far has been the all-on-4 implant, also known as Same Day Teeth or the Same Day Smile. The all-on-4 implant offers a number of distinct advantages over other implants, and in this article we look at what it is that the all-on-4 implants offer over their peers.

The advantages offered by all-on-4 implants

All-on-4 implants offer a number of distinct advantages over their traditional counterparts, the first of which is the fact that they require only 4 implants to securely fasten a complete arch of dentures. Other dental implants will require anywhere between 6 to 10 implants per jaw, which can be unpleasant for a patient who will need to have 6 to 10 separate incisions made into their gums, followed by the same number of holes drilled into their lower jaw.

Of the four implants used, 2 are fixed vertically to the front of the jaw where the bone is thickest. Like other implants, a hole will be drilled into the bone into which the implants will be placed. These will then be left over a recovery period to fuse to the bone, forming a solid, stable, and long-lasting implant. The final 2 are affixed further back in the jaw, and angled so as to avoid important nerves and arteries. Together these 4 fixings can provide an effective base for the attachment of prosthetic teeth without the hassle, inconvenience, and discomfort of many more implants.

The second major advantage of all-on-4 implants is the fact that this particular technology allows for dentures and crowns to be mounted as soon as the procedure has been performed. Other forms of dental implant require a 6 month healing period after the treatment (during which the site is left without any artificial teeth), following this, a temporary crown is fitted for a period of about 4-6 weeks, after which a permanent fixture can be arranged. This can be a massive inconvenience to patients who will need to have an extra appointment and treatment before their implants can be completed. The design of the all-on-4 implant is what allows for this and the other advantages offered by this unique and extremely popular implant.

The all-on-4 also offers a range of the benefits, which you can expect from dental implants. You won’t need to remove a denture before you go to bed or after meals as the fixture allows you to maintain and care for your dentures as if they were your real teeth. This is much more convenient and also provides peace of mind as you don’t need to worry about constantly taking your dentures off.

As all-on-4 allows for the easy and stable attachment of full arches of teeth, this particular type of implant means that any prosthetic teeth fitted will bit the natural shape of your jaw, feeling much more natural and comfortable.

The all-on-4 implant means that you can eat foods you want without a loss of taste, as the fitted teeth won’t cover the top of your mouth. Dentures fitted to the all-on-4 allow for much greater bite strength, meaning that you can eat a broader range of foods. Ultimately the all-on-4 and its dentures give you access to a much more varied diet, meaning better health and the chance to eat foods you enjoy that you may not have been able to previously.

The all-on-4 can also prevent the loss of any bone in your jaw, thereby maintaining its strength. Finally this form of dental implant grants you long lasting prosthetic teeth that can withstand decades of use with the proper care.

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