Discomfort with All-on-4 Implants

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Dentures have come a long way since their inception, evolving to become closer to natural teeth in both appearance and function. The invention of dental implants in particular has done a lot to drive progress in the field, and modern implants like the remarkable all-on-4 option are amazingly comfortable. One of the major problems caused by classic partial and full dentures was discomfort as the denture pressed into the sensitive gums beneath them, in this article we look at this issue and whether it persists in all-on-4 implants.

Why did older dentures cause discomfort by pressing into the gum?

Older types of dentures were responsible for this particular type of discomfort because they were placed into the mouth without any support beyond that of the gum. With no structure to anchor the denture and hold it in place, any pressure exerted by biting or chewing would be experienced through the denture’s contact with the gums. In many cases this would be extremely uncomfortable and severely restrict a person’s dietary habits.

This is one of the major issues with traditional partial and fixed dentures, and in the following section we look at how implants like the all-on-4 address that.

Do all-on-4 implants alleviate pressure on the gums and the related discomfort?

Implants are an extremely effective method of relieving denture induced pressure on the gums and any related discomfort. All-on-4 implants in particular are known for providing comfort not far off from natural teeth.

They achieve this by providing a firm anchor into the jawbone to which dentures are fixed. This means that these dentures effectively have a support system to which they are attached, allowing for stability, and more importantly, relieving pressure on the gums as the dentures are not pressed against them as you bite and chew. This means that implants allow for a much broader diet as chewing is not as uncomfortable as it would be with traditional partial or full fixed dentures.

All-on-4 implants have many other advantages that work to complement the comfort and stability they offer, but for many people the fact that these implants can provide comfort and access to a broad range of different foods is one of their major advantages. That being said, you will experience some differences in how food tastes and how it feels to chew and bite, but these are a consequence of the fact that these teeth are, after all, artificial, and will never fully feel like natural teeth.

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