Removing Dentures with All-on-4 Implants

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One of the major concerns many people looking at different types of prosthetic teeth face is the convenience of their use in terms of taking them in and out of the mouth at different times. In this article we look at this concern in the context of one of the most popular styles of dental implant: the all-on-4 implant.

Why do normal dentures need to be removed regularly?

Dentures have become an extremely important dental provision in the modern world, offering people from a variety of backgrounds who have lost teeth for any reason access to a functional prosthetic that can hugely improve their quality of life. There are very many different types of dentures, some are only partial prosthetics that replace a few teeth, while others are full arches of teeth that can be fixed to permanent implants. The huge variety of dentures available to the public means that people from all walks of life can find a set of dentures to suit their needs and meet their requirements.

Caring for dentures is an absolutely critical part of their use, as poor oral hygiene and maintenance of these prosthetics can affect their functionality and severely impact the health of a mouth. Part of caring for dentures involves looking after the prosthetics during and after their use and another part of the whole process is removing the dentures after meals (to clean them) and before bed (to prevent unnecessary wear and deterioration). These measures are an essential part of maintaining the health of a set of dentures, however they can be annoyance to some people.

This process of regularly removing dentures is also a constant reminder that these prosthetics are exactly that, artificial teeth. The gold standard in the field is to engineer prosthetics that behave and are used in a manner as close to the originals as possible.

Do dentures fixed to all-on-4 implants need to be regularly removed?

Dentures fixed to implants like the all-on-4s are much closer to real teeth in that they don’t need to be removed regularly. Implants act as artificial roots, anchoring the dentures in place and maintaining the health and density of the jawbone in which they are placed. Because of this fixture, dentures fixed to all-on-4 implants mimic natural teeth and don’t need to be removed and cleaned in that way.

That being said the appropriate care and maintenance of dentures and implants is critical to their longevity and usefulness. The dentist responsible for fitting the implants and their dentures will undoubtedly give you more information about how to best care for your artificial teeth. Following these instructions, which will mostly be to do with diet an regular cleanliness, will ensure that you get the most out of both your implants and dentures.

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