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In later life, our teeth tend to be more vulnerable to stains and discolouration. Tooth whitening is a relatively recent dental innovation which can combat discolouration and staining in your teeth without resorting to restorations or extraction. Until fairly recently, the only option to patients looking for whiter teeth was to have whitening performed by a dental professional at a clinic. Fortunately, there is now home tooth whitening kits like the Enlighten tooth whitening kit which can help provide effective and convenient treatment.

Tooth Structure

Each tooth is made up of two main layers. The outermost layer is called the enamel which protects your teeth. However as you ingest food and drink, another layer forms gradually over your enamel, known as the pellicle film. If left untreated, this can contribute to the staining process. The inner layer of your tooth is made up of a calcified body tissue called dentin. Dentin is one of the hardest substances the body produces and protects the core of your teeth. As you eat and drink, certain foods can increase the rate at which discolouration or staining can develop. In particular red wine, coffee and tea. Smoking also causes stains as the nicotine from the smoke tends to leave brown deposits on the teeth. While it is possible for stains on the upper layers to be scoured away by brushing, scraping or chemicals, stains on the inner layer are much more stubborn.

Stains are typically broken down into two categories. 'Intrinsic' stains form on the inner tooth and gradually become visible on the outside. 'Extrinsic' stains tend to form on the outer layers of your teeth and in most cases can be brushed away. One of the most common problems with staining is when stains penetrate the porous enamel to the point that they can not be scoured away. In cases such as this, tooth whitening is the only available option for treatment.

Bleaching is the most popular form of tooth whitening. Throughout the bleaching process, chemicals are applied to the affected tooth. These then penetrate through the tooth and start a chemical reaction which serves to dissolve the materials causing the stains. Typically, the chemicals used in whitening kits include hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The gel in the Enlighten kit makes use of hydrogen peroxide which has an excellent safety record, is highly effective and has long been used in dentistry.

Using the Enlighten kit involves using a specially designed tray to apply the chemicals. In order to see effective results, you will need to wear the tray either overnight or for a few hours each day for a couple of weeks. Enlighten gel is specially designed so that its sensitivity is extremely low. This means that it is much safer and there is less risk of the user developing sensitivity in their teeth throughout the whitening process. If the instructions are carefully followed, then Enlighten kit can produce excellent results with some users experiencing whitening of up to ten shades lighter.

Evolution 3

The Enlighten Company boasts that it spends a considerable amount of money and time researching new and innovative products to significantly improve the currently available products on the market.

Their latest Evolution treatment, which should be applied by a professional dentist, claims that is the only product to guarantee a B1 shade irrespective of the starting shade of colour. The product works without lamps and instead only the solution is applied to lighten the colour of the teeth. The manufacturer also claims that the process works without gingival protection.

Other products available from Enlighten

The company also provides a range of at home whitening treatments and products to extend the effects of your professional whitening, all of which are available through dentist surgeries or from a professional dentist.

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