Teeth Whitening at Boots & Other Pharmacies

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At home treatments on the high street

Many high street retailers have developed their own products to whiten teeth, as well as carrying a wide arrange of at home kits.  Anything stocked by a high street retailer is likely to be more reputable than a product from unspecified sources on the internet, and should have all the ingredients and health instructions clearly visible.

In-store advice

You can ask a customer service assistant to talk you through the merits of the various products and compare the ingredients and concentrations of the various treatments.

Comparing products

It can often be tempting to go for the strongest concentration of chemical, but as whitening treatments are usually based on peroxide they can irritate the gums and make your teeth sensitive if not used appropriately.  Make sure that the product is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation and carries its logo.

High street or Internet to buy tooth whitening kits?

A variety of products of this nature are available on the internet as well as to purchase in store. It is important to remember to check the ingredients, especially when purchasing cheaper kits online. Some of these products contain mild acids and corrosive ingredients which can damage your teeth or general health. It may be the cheapest option but make sure you research the company that is selling the product and its ingredients carefully. However, the safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth, is to have the treatment performed by a dentist.

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