Side Effects of Tooth Whitening

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Although health professional and manufacturers claim that tooth whitening is relatively safe when used appropriately on those who are safe to receive treatment, there can be some side effects to treatment.

What to expect

The most common side effect from this sort of treatment is gums which are left unusually sensitive to temperature and occasionally to touch. This is usually relatively mild and should fade after a little while and should not continue for more than a few days after treatment has been completed. It is possible to be allergic to peroxide, and some reaction to this aspect of the treatment is possible. This is a more serious side effect and as with any allergic reaction you ought to immediately consult your doctor. If you are aware you already allergic to peroxide you ought not to undergo treatment, and if you are concerned you may have a reaction then you should raise these concerns with your dentist before treatment begins so they can test that you can receive treatment safely.

How to avoid adverse reaction

You should always consult a dentist before undergoing tooth whitening. If you are using a home kit you should read the list of health and safety advice and possible side-effects as carefully as possible before applying the solution. To be sure of the products background you can check that it carries the logo of the British Dental Health Foundation.

What to do if you experience side effects from teeth whitening

While a certain level of discomfit during the treatment process and a little tenderness and sensitively around your gums afterward can be expected from this type of treatment. However if you experience any ongoing pain or unusual effects from the treatment you should contact your general practitioner or make an emergency appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

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