Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

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The easiest way to ensure your safety when whitening teeth is to carefully research the product you are using as well as your dentist, if you are having the treatment conducted by a professional.

The Product

It is extremely important to ensure that any product you apply yourself is manufactured according to British health and safety regulations and does not include any dangerous or noxious chemicals which could damage both your teeth and your general health.

Look for accredited logos

For home kits, check for the logo showing that the product is endorsed by the British Dental Health Foundation. If you purchase a product online or from a high street retailer, always follow the instructions carefully and read all of the safety advice before applying to your teeth.

Visit a dentist

As an extra precaution it is best to visit your dentist before undertaking any form of whitening treatment, and also book regular visits to your dentist to ensure good dental hygiene and upkeep. You must also visit your doctor or dentist immediately if you begin to exhibit any unexpected symptoms of the treatment.

Tooth Whitening Questions to Ask

If you are having your teeth professionally whitened make sure you enquire:

  • Who exactly will be performing your treatment?
  • Will they be a qualified dentist?
  • What product will they be using, and how does it work?
  • How long has the surgery been using the product?
  • How many patients have suffered adverse effects?
  • Are you an ideal candidate for the treatment?
  • How much will it cost?

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