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The manufacturers of opalescence produce both at home tooth whitening and in office treatments to whiten your teeth.

Opalescence offers a range of products to use both at home and to receive as part of a treatment by a cosmetic dentistry professional. The product uses a distinctive red coloured product which is applied using a syringe. 

Opalescence at home

The at-home kits can only be purchased from a dentist surgery after having received a thorough examination to ensure you are able to safely receive treatment. This also allows your dentist to recommend the correct strength of formula for you, as Opalescence comes in a variety of concentrations. This effectively allows you to customize your at home tooth whitening experience. The gel is designed to be very sticky so as not to run onto the gums and cause irritation and most solutions contain fluoride to improve the general health of your tooth enamel. Results can sometimes be seen after only one over night application, although for most people it will take around a week for the true benefits to show.

Opalescence Treswhite Supreme

Opalescence Treswhite Supreme is Opalescence’s cheapest at home product and comes in the form of pre-filled disposable whitening trays. Simply wear for around thirty to sixty minutes a day and then throw away. It is stronger in concentration than most supermarket products (coming in around 10% concentration) and therefore results can be seen in about a week of treatment. It also includes potassium nitrate and fluoride to boost the overall health of your teeth and tooth enamel. To purchase this product you must first visit a cosmetic dentistry professional who will assess your suitability and recommend the best course of treatment for you.

The Opalescence Boost treatment

The Opalescence Boost treatment can only be used in office by a professional dentist. The product is applied to the teeth using a syringe. The benefit of selecting this product is that the manufacturers claim that results can be seen after only about an hour – as with other products this hour is usually spread over several weeks of short bursts of treatment. There is no light or laser used to activate the product, meaning that you can relax in relative comfort over the hour’s treatment.

Additional benefits

The product also includes potassium nitrate and fluoride, both of which are chemicals which have been shown to have links with improved and strengthened teeth and good oral condition.

Other products

Opalescence also offers a variety of at home treatments to elongate the effects of your tooth whitening treatment, and also products you can use to lighten the colour of your teeth at home by yourself. These products should be available from a professional dentist or dentists’ surgery. The company also offer Smilebrushes, which are specially designed toothbrushes to maintain the whiteness and health of your teeth and Opalpixs, which are a patented type of tooth pick which doesn’t splinter or break within the teeth and therefore keep the health of the gums at a high level. They also offer their own brand of whitening toothpaste, which is gentle enough to use every day and contains a higher level of fluoride than most toothpastes in order to build a higher level of health in the tooth enamel.

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