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As we grow older, our teeth are more and more prone to developing stains. Whilst regular oral care is often sufficient to deal with the superficial stains, the ones located deeper inside the tooth are often harder to remove. This is where teeth whitening comes in. Zoom! teeth whitening is a state of the art whitening procedure which has gained increasing popularity since it was featured on a number of high profile makeover shows. The Zoom! whitening procedure works by applying a specialised gel which is designed to be used in conjunction with the Zoom! lamp.

As with regular whitening procedures, your dentist begins by safeguarding your gums and lips with a special cover. This is done to prevent vulnerable parts of your mouth coming in contact with the gel which could cause burns or other types of damage. Your dentist then applies the Zoom! whitening gel before activating the special Zoom! lamp. As the lamp powers up, it heats the gel, quickly increasing the speed of the whitening process and enabling the gel to quickly penetrate your teeth and dissolve stains. Your dentist will apply the gel in sessions of around 15 minutes and most patients usually undergo three sessions. This means the overall process tends to take under an hour making it ideal for those seeking quick and efficient treatment. After the gel has been removed, you should notice instant improvements in the colour of your teeth with some Zoom! patients achieving up to 10 shades lighter teeth. Zoom! is also great for patients who wear dental restorations like dentures, dental crowns or dental veneers. Zoom! won't have any effect on restorations as it only affects natural teeth however you may need to alter the colour of your restoration so that it fits in with your newly whitened teeth.

Most Zoom! patients achieve instant results however in some cases; patients will require further treatments to attain the desired results, especially in cases of heavily stained teeth. Other patients who have had whitening in the past may find their teeth reverting to their previous colour. In cases such as this it is not unusual to have 'top up' sessions with a home tooth whitening kit to supplement the treatment. Maintaining a good level of oral health with regular brushing and flossing can also help you retain the results from your whitening as well as protecting against further stains. It is important to note that certain types of foods in your diet can contribute to the formation of stains. These problem foods include coffee, tea, red wine, citrus fruits and fiy drinks. Similarly, if you smoke, it is not only bad for your oral health in general, but cigarettes often leave brown nicotine deposits which can penetrate into the inner layers of your teeth. If you clench or grind your teeth, this can often cause cracks in the teeth, leaving them especially vulnerable to stains. To help maintain the results of Zoom! whitening, avoid or try to cut down on these substances.

Zoom Tooth Whitening Eligibility

When you first meet with your dentist to discuss whitening, they will assess whether or not you are suitable for the Zoom! whitening process. Whilst Zoom! can safely be used on a vast majority of patients, there are a number of conditions or other factors which may make you unsuited to the treatment. For instance, it is usually recommended that pregnant or breastfeeding women don't undergo the Zoom! whitening procedure. There are several kinds of light sensitive medications which you may need to stop taking or switch to alternate medications before you undergo Zoom! whitening so it is important to check with your GP first.

The Zoom treatment process

The Zoom process begins with a short preparation process, which covers and protects the gums and lips during treatment. The dentist will then apply the solution to the teeth, and the gel is then activated by having the specially designed Zoom Lamp, which is an intense light source, shone onto it. This process gently breaks down staining and discolouration on the teeth.

How long does Zoom take?

The treatment session lasts around fifteen minutes and usually needs to be conducted three times by your dentist, totally forty five minutes of tooth whitening treatment time.

How long does Zoom last?

The manufacturer claims that by maintain good oral hygiene, including: brushing twice a day; flossing; and occasional use of the Zoom at home products (which can be procured through your dentist) that the effects of this treatment are permanent and your teeth will always be lighter than they were.

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