Tooth Whitening & Tooth Sensitivity

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If you have sensitive teeth you ought to consult your regular dentist before undergoing any treatment to whiten your teeth. If you have delicate or problem teeth, with nerve endings that could be aggravated by any severe treatment, you ought to be particularly careful about opting for a teeth whitening treatment.

Sensitivity as a side effect of tooth whitening

A little tenderness or extra sensitivity to very cold or hot substances or vigorous brushing, on the treated teeth is a common side effect of most treatments for tooth whitening. While a little sensitivity is to be expected, this should fade in time (you should consult your cosmetic dentist or the home pack’s instructions for more information about the possible duration of this effect) if this continues for an unexpected length of time or if your teeth are extremely sensitive you should immediately consult your dentist to ensure that there is not a more serious underlying issue or side-effect.

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