Tooth Whitening on the NHS

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Cosmetic procedures and the NHS

Tooth whitening can improve the appearance of your teeth and this can have a positive effect on your sense of self worth and confidence. However the process is purely cosmetic in itself and has no direct positive effect on your health. The NHS therefore cannot provide this type of treatment for free.

NHS Dentistry

In fact most dentists in the UK who are NHS registered charge for most of their procedures once you are over the age of eighteen. NHS dentists sometimes charge a smaller amount than a private dentist for some procedures as they are partly subsidized as well as regulated by the NHS.

Your NHS dentist and treatment

Although you cannot receive tooth whitening on the NHS, although if you are already registered with an NHS dentist and you wish to keep receiving treatment from them, as you feel confident in their ability, they might be able to conduct the procedure in a private capacity.

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