Calf Implant Consultation

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If you decide to go ahead with calf implants, the first step will be to find a cosmetic surgeon who you trust and book a consultation with them. In this consultation, together you will go over exactly what you want from the procedure, so that the surgeon can better cater your implants for you to get the shape you desire. You’ll also discuss certain aspects of your health to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure – for instance, how much you smoke, what medications you are currently using, why you want calf implants, and so on. This information can all be used to better determine what kind of procedure or technique would suit you personally.

Your surgeon will also go over the procedure itself with you, including preparation, how the operation works, and what to expect afterwards in the recovery stage. He or she will discuss the finer details too, such as what kind of anaesthesia would suit you best, and what medications will be prescribed. This will most likely include painkillers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and so on. If you do go ahead with the procedure with this surgeon, you can then arrange the surgery, as well as a pre-operative appointment. Your legs will also be measured, and photographs may be taken, in order to get the correct size and shape of implant; in the case of asymmetric legs a mould may also be taken, to make them match up.

What to do Before a Calf Implant Surgery Consultation

As with all surgeries and cosmetic procedures, make sure you do your research before the consultation itself. Read up on what to expect from the procedure and the consultation, and also make sure you look into cosmetic surgery practices near you in order to find the best suited surgeon. Calf implant surgery isn’t available from all cosmetic surgeons so you may have to research to find one who offers it. Above all, be sure to choose someone you trust. Before the consultation it may be useful to make a note of exactly what medications or supplements you are currently taking, and what exercises you have been doing, so that these can be discussed. Think up a list of questions you want to ask the surgeon and make sure these are discussed. This way you can help get the best possible result from the surgery and be more comfortable about the procedure.

How Long will a Consultation Last?

A cosmetic surgery consultation can last anything from ten minutes to two hours, depending on what needs to be discussed. Multiple consultations or appointments may be necessary in some cases. Some surgeons will arrange consultations for free, others will charge, and some may charge you but then refund it if you go ahead with surgery with them. However, don’t let this pressure you into scheduling the surgery.

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