Calf Implant Surgeons

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Calf augmentation is almost always carried out by experienced cosmetic surgeons, in private cosmetic surgical practices. It is not as common as other cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation, facelifts, and so on – therefore not all practices will offer it and you may have to shop around a little, perhaps even looking into surgeries in different cities. This also means that will probably be carried out by a more experienced cosmetic surgeon. Remember to make sure you choose a doctor who you completely trust to carry out the surgery. A doctor who specialises in body implants with a good eye for body contours is most recommended. Other people who may be involved in your procedure include anaesthesiologists, surgical assistants, and nurses.

Where does Calf Implant Surgery Take Place?

Calf implant surgery usually takes place at a private cosmetic surgery practice. Since an overnight stay is not usually necessary, it is most likely that the operation will take place in an outpatient  surgical centre. However this will not be the case, of course, if you and your surgeon agree that an overnight stay is best – particularly if you are visiting the practice from a different city.

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