Results of Calf Implant Surgery

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Since calf augmentation is only usually done by very experienced surgeons, it is most likely that you will get the results from calf implants that you want: the shape and size of your calves should be as you desired, and your legs should now be more defined or more curvaceous, depending on what kind of implants you had. At first you will experience some bruising, swelling, and scarring, but all of these can be medicated and if there are no complications they will rapidly diminish in a couple of months. You will most likely be left with a small scar on the back of the knee where the incision was made; most surgeons and patients report that this is visible if you’re looking for it, but is otherwise almost undetectable. Your legs should look natural. Bear in mind, however, that complications can arise. Even if all goes well, circulation can be affected by implants in later life, and a revision may have to be done in some decades’ time, or the implants eventually removed if circulation is a problem. The implants will not enhance the use of the muscle itself in any way, but it will also not at all restrict it. The overall result of calf augmentation should achieve the effect you want and increase your confidence and self esteem regarding your calf shape.

What to do if You’re Unhappy with Calf Implants

Calf implants are permanent – silicone stands the test of time. Because of this, your surgeon should go to great lengths to make sure he or she understand exactly what you want from the implants, and treat you accordingly. However, in some cases patients are unhappy with the way they have turned out and may want revisions. This is something you will have to discuss with your surgeon at your pre-operative visits. If you are unhappy as a result of something having gone wrong in surgery, or the procedure having been done wrong in some way, it is likely that your surgeon will not charge for a revision. However, you may still have to pay for additional costs such as anaesthetic. 

How Long do Calf Implants Last?

If all goes well and there are no major complications, calf implants are permanent. Silicone can stand the test of time. The only reason you would need them removed is in the event of an injury that damages your leg, if there are complications which cannot be resolved, or because of circulatory problems in later life. It is of course possible for them to be removed, in the case of health issues or if you are truly unhappy with them, but otherwise, calf implants are for life.  

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