Cost of Calf Implants

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The cost of calf implants will of course vary between cosmetic surgeons, but it will usually be between £4,000 and £6,000 – this may or may not also include costs for anaesthesia, blood tests, post-operative visits, medication, and so on, depending on the clinic. Most clinics will allow this to be paid on a flexible basis over time according to what suits you best.

Are Calf Implants Expensive?

Cosmetic surgery is getting less expensive and much more accessible to everyone who is in any way unhappy with their body. The price of calf implants varies between clinics and between patients, as some clinics will adjust the cost according to your income. Most will also be happy for you to pay in flexible instalments over time, to help make surgery more affordable for you.

Calf Implants on the NHS

If you are getting calf implants for cosmetic reasons alone, it is very unlikely that the procedure can be done on the National Health Service. However, if you are seeking calf augmentation to correct any deformity or muscle deterioration as the result of any kind of disease, injury, or trauma, it is definitely worth consulting your  GP first as the NHS may pay for your surgery. The NHS guidelines for cosmetic surgery state that reconstructive or cosmetic surgery to correct congenital abnormalities or injuries will usually be carried out for free. If you think you may qualify, book an appointment with your GP before consulting any cosmetic surgeons, and he or she will be able to judge if you may be suitable candidate. If so, you will then be referred to an NHS cosmetic surgeon, who will book a consultation with you. You will also be assessed by a psychiatrist, to check if you are indeed a good candidate for the surgery, and to help the NHS decide if there would be enough psychological or physical benefit to justify paying for your surgery. Guidelines and protocol for cosmetic surgery on the NHS may of course differ slightly between regions, so researching the guidelines for your region and discussing surgery with your GP is recommended.

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