Crest Cavity Protection Gel

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Crest Cavity Protection Gel targets areas of the mouth that are weaker than they should be and are therefore susceptible to tartar build up and tooth decay. This is done in a gentle manner to preserve the teeth as much as possible and so no further damage is caused.

How does it work?

Crest Cavity Protection Gel turns into fine foam when brushing. This spreads throughout the mouth and targets weak spots of tooth enamel. Once at this week area, the gel works to strengthen the enamel to protect against cavities in the future.

Crest Cavity Protection Gel is also effective in thoroughly cleaning the whole mouth and leaving it feeling fresh and healthy. This ensures that it isn’t only cavity formation that is protected against. This toothpaste also provides defences against other oral health issues including halitosis, gum infection and tooth decay.

If used on a regular basis to thoroughly clean teeth and gums, it can save a lot of money in the long term as it may prevent the need for expensive dental treatments, such as fillings and dentures.

Why is it important to protect against cavities?

Cavities can just be the start to oral health problems. If left to develop they can cause tooth decay, which can be very painful and cause daily inconveniences. If this decay is left untreated, it could then lead to the tooth having to be removed unless it has already fallen out on its own.

Alternatively, if the cavities develop, they often lead to the requirement of fillings. Fillings require anaesthetics and can be quite an uncomfortable procedure and must be carried out by a dental professional. These fillings can be very expensive and are often unattractive, reducing the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be incorporated into your normal oral health maintenance routine. It should be used in thorough tooth brushing every morning and night. It is appropriate for use by all, however, Crest do provide a cavity protection toothpaste for children, so if you have a child that still has milk teeth, it would be advisable to use the child version to prevent unnecessary damage.

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