Crest Nature’s Expressions

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Crest have developed this toothpaste with the extracts of natural peppermint, hence the “Nature” aspect of its title. This peppermint extract give the toothpaste a strong, minty flavour that lasts throughout the day and is an additional benefit to the protective, cleaning properties that Nature’s Expressions toothpaste also provide.

Crest Nature’s Expressions toothpaste has the same qualities as other Crest products. It fights against bacteria and the harmful acids they produce, as well as protecting against the formation of cavities. Cavities are important to prevent as they tend to lead to two consequences and neither of them are pleasant – they often lead to the dentist giving the tooth a filling (expensive, often painful and unattractive) or if left, they can cause tooth decay and the eventual loss of the tooth.

The toothpaste also protects against gum infection and tartar build up to give overall good oral health.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

This toothpaste is appropriate for use by everyone; however, it may just be especially beneficial for those who suffer from halitosis. Halitosis is more commonly known as bad breath and can really affect self-confidence and self-esteem and can cause paranoia throughout the day. This toothpaste, however, gives the mouth a fresh breath that lasts in between brushes to restore confidence.

Recommended Usage

To achieve the best results from this toothpaste, it should be used twice every day as part of you normal oral health maintenance routine.

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