Crest Whitening plus Scope Striped

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Crest plus Scope Liquid Gel Toothpaste is an innovative product among Crest’s oral hygiene range. It is a combination of Crest’s normal toothpaste and their Scope mouthwash. This is designed to provide consumers with a clean and fresh feeling that last throughout the day, in between brushing. This combination is more than able to clean both teeth and gums to an excellent standard to maintain their general health.

What options are available?

Crest is aware that not everyone is a big fan of the minty flavour that dominates the toothpaste market and that sometimes people just want a change to be able to try something new and different. Taking this into account, they have different available flavours for those wishing to use Whitening plus Scope toothpaste – Cool Peppermint, Citrus and Minty Fresh.

How does it work?

The mouthwash aspect of these products allows for excess bacteria that are residing in the mouth are removed. This is made possible as with a normal toothpaste, certain areas of the mouth are often missed when brushing – these areas primarily being between teeth and along the gum line. The Scope is able to penetrate these areas and remove the hidden bacteria for increased oral health.

Crest Whitening plus Scope toothpaste also provides the benefits of other Crest toothpastes. These benefits include protection against plaque, bacteria and tartar accumulation as well as defending from cavities, tooth decay, gum infection and halitosis (bad breath).

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste is appropriate for use by all the family. It should be used every morning and night to have the best outcomes. However, if you have a child that still has milk teeth, it is recommended that perhaps one of the toothpastes available in Crest’s range for children would be more appropriate.

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