Crest Kid’s Barbie Burstin Bubblegum

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If your child is less of a superhero fan and more of a Barbie fan, then this toothpaste is the perfect option. The toothpaste is actually of a gel consistency and to make is really appealing to your little girl, it has been made pink and sparkly. This will hopefully make your child excited to brush their teeth, as there is something rather special about pink, sparkly toothpaste.

Like other toothpastes Crest have designed for children, Barbie Burstin’ Bubblegum lacks the overpowering taste of mint and instead is flavoured with fruity bubblegum.

Even though the pink, sparkle-filled, bubblegum flavoured gel may seem to lack any seriousness, this toothpaste maintains its effectiveness in protecting these young teeth from cavities, tooth decay and gum infection. Therefore, for that little girl, this is the perfect toothpaste choice. All these benefits and appealing attributes that Crest has put into this toothpaste, makes it much easier to ensure your child is developing a regular oral health routine that they will adopt for their future.

Similarly to the Spider-Man toothpaste, Barbie Burstin’ Bubblegum gel has a low level of fluoride included to strengthen the enamel of the developing teeth, whether they be milk teeth or new adult teeth. This minimises the risk of your child developing cavities and suffering from tooth decay.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be used twice every day (morning and night) to ensure your child is learning and adopting a regular oral health routine. This regularity also ensures that their teeth are getting the best protection with the lowest risks (of issues such as fluorosis, more common with adult pastes that contain a higher amount of fluoride).

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