Crest Extra Whitening and Tartar Protection Gel Toothpaste

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Crest Extra Whitening and Tartar Protection Gel toothpaste is ideal to suit many people. It is a superior option if you are looking for overall good oral health and tooth whitening, especially if you prefer a smoother gel consistency to the more common paste on the market.

How does it work?

Crest Extra Whitening and Tartar Protection Gel provides benefits for two very common oral health issues. These being tartar build up as well as tooth discolouration.

Tartar is, in effect, hardened plaque. This makes it very stubborn and difficult to remove to such an extent, that in many cases the only option to achieve the successful removal of tartar is to get a professional scale and polish treatment. This can be very costly; therefore it seems sensible to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. This gel toothpaste is very effective in inhibiting the tartar from building up in the first place. As the most common areas for this problem are those often missed during brushing, such as between teeth and along the gum line, this product primarily targets these areas. This can prevent future problems with tooth decay and gum infection, which can be rather painful and cause discomfort to its sufferers.

Crest Extra Whitening and Tartar Protection Gel also performs very well in reducing the discolouration of teeth that can make a smile look older and less attractive. The toothpaste breaks down surface stains on the enamel and removes them to leave you with your teeth back to their natural shade of white.

Recommended Usage

To benefit most from the tartar fighting and whitening properties of Crest Extra Whitening and Tartar Protection Gel, you should incorporate in well into your everyday oral health maintenance routine. This should include brushing your teeth with this toothpaste every morning and night.

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