Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection

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Crest have taken their classic Cavity Protection toothpaste and adapted it for use by children so that it has the same effects but is more suitable for younger mouths.

How is Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection toothpaste adapted for children?

Like other Crest toothpastes designed for children, Cavity Protection is also bubblegum flavoured to make it more appealing to the younger audience and to ensure they are not put off brushing their teeth. Also, this toothpaste is of a gel consistence it is sparkly making it very appealing and more fun. All these benefits are packed away in bright and colourful containers so as soon as the child sees the package; they are interested and encouraged by what it holds. This is essential for developing a suitable, regular oral health maintenance routine that they can adopt to take into their adult lives.

Cavity Protection

It is very important to start protecting against cavity formation from a young age. They tend to form when teeth are weak and can lead to tooth decay and/or the need for fillings. In children, such an unpleasant experience can cause them to have a long-term fear of the dentists or even anything related to teeth and oral hygiene.

The low level of fluoride included in this toothpaste is ideal for strengthening the tooth enamel. This can then defend against the formation of cavities to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

Recommended Usage

Young children should be supervised when brushing their teeth so ensure that they are doing a thorough job, are not swallowing the foam and to prevent choking. The toothpaste should be administered as a rather small amount on a soft-bristle toothbrush. You should ensure that the child’s teeth are being cleaned twice everyday as part of maintaining and developing an effective, regular oral hygiene routine.

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