Crest Tartar Protection

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Crest Tartar Protection is available, as both a paste and a gel so you can choose which consistency you prefer. It is a toothpaste that protects against cavities and tooth decay as well as providing extra protection against the accumulation of tartar.

How does it work?

Crest Tartar Protection had tartar-blocking agents in its ingredients. These prevent tartar from building up on the surfaces of teeth as well as between them and along the gum line. This is important, as tartar is very difficult to remove, as it is basically hardened plaque. Most of the time tartar has to be removed with expensive, professional treatment carried out by a dental expert.

Crest Tartar Protection also includes the key, common ingredient of fluoride. This is a valuable component as it strengthens the tooth enamel to make it harder for cavities to form.

Recommended Usage of Crest Tartar Protection

This toothpaste is highly recommended for those more susceptible to tartar build up and who wish to save money and achieve a deep cleaning feeling at home. Despite this, it is appropriate for everyone to use. You should brush you teeth with Tartar Protection twice everyday to obtain the optimum results. If this toothpaste is being used to brush the teeth f a child, only a small, rather small amount should be used and swallowing should be prevented. As this toothpaste contains fluoride, if a child who still has milk teeth swallows a significant amount, it can cause fluorosis where discoloured specks appear on the teeth.

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