Crest Kid’s Spider-Man Super Action Mint

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If your child is a cartoon or comic fan, especially Spider-Man, then this toothpaste is the ideal product to introduce to make them enjoy brushing their teeth everyday. The packaging is plastered with pictures of the spidery superhero so the child feels like they are brushing their teeth with him.

How is this toothpaste suited to children?

Aside from the obvious Spider-Man feature, this toothpaste has a lot to offer in terms of a child-friendly toothpaste. Firstly, so as to not overbear the child and put them off brushing their teeth, Kid’s Spider-Man Super Action Mint has a much milder mint flavour that normal toothpaste.

Also, the toothpaste is actually of a gel consistency that is blue. This gives the toothpaste itself more of a playful edge in comparison to boring white. Further more, Super Action Mint toothpaste has a small level of fluoride included. This ingredient is used to strengthen and protect tooth enamel to prevent decay in the future.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be used every morning and night to get the child into a regular oral health routine. As the toothpaste contains a small amount of fluoride, the child should be supervised when brushing their teeth (this also prevents choking and ensures they are doing a good, thorough job) to prevent swallowing of the foam. If a significant amount of fluoride is swallowed, it can cause fluorosis, which is a condition where discoloured speckles appear on milk teeth.

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