Crest Sensitivity Extra Whitening

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Crest Sensitivity Extra Whitening toothpaste is another of Crest’s range specially designed for sensitive teeth. It ensures that the teeth are getting all the protective benefits provided by other toothpastes, such as protection from plaque and tartar build up as well as prevention of cavity formation, tooth decay, gum infection and halitosis (bad breath).

Sensitive teeth

Tooth enamel is the hard, top layer that covers and protects teeth. Underneath the enamel is a softer layer, known as dentine. Dentine has many small channels running through it, which lead to nerves. If the enamel is worn down a significant amount, the dentine and be left exposed to the oral environment.

The mouth is rather vulnerable to rapid changes in conditions, such as temperature or pH. Most of the time this does not effect us, however, if the dentine is exposed the changes can cause the nerves to react and send pain signals to the brain. This is very common if people are consuming hot or cold food and drink. It can cause meal times to be difficult to deal with and the sufferer may be left feeling unable to enjoy food due to the fear of pain. Therefore, it is very important that sensitivity can be prevented and treated effectively.


If you crave a whiter smile but have sensitive teeth and are unable to use those products designed for “normal” teeth, then Crest Sensitivity Extra Whitening toothpaste may just be the product to try. This toothpaste successfully whitens teeth to a noticeable extent, but gently so as not to cause any more damage or sensitivity. Whilst performing this whitening duty, the toothpaste physically breaks up the stains into pieces easy to remove. Once removed, the teeth can regain their natural shade of whiteness to give a more attractive smile.

As the toothpaste gently whitens the teeth, it also acts to protect against sensitivity and the pain it causes. It does this by strengthening the teeth to make them more resistant to erosion and blocking those nerve signals of areas that are already sensitive. This allows the sufferer to enjoy foods they once feared.

Recommended Usage

It is important that if you really wish to benefit from this toothpaste, that you continue to use it for a long time. This is because then whitening and enamel strengthening properties are not instant. You should use this toothpaste as part of your normal oral hygiene routine, twice every day.

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