Crest Sensitive Original

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Crest has formulated Sensitive Original especially for the many people who suffer from the painful symptoms associated with sensitive teeth. The toothpaste not only relieves the pain, but it also protects against the sensitivity that causes it. Not only this but Sensitive Original toothpaste also provides the same level of protection as other Crest toothpastes including defence against cavities, tooth decay and gum infection.

Sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is usually caused because the enamel has been eroded by wear and tear over time. The enamel can be worn down to such an extent that the dentine layer underneath is exposed. This tooth layer is rather porous and has tiny tubule that lead to nerves. When a change in oral environment occurs, such as the consumption of hot or cold food and drink, the nerves react and cause pain signals. This pain can make meal times rather difficult and is just generally an inconvenience for those who suffer from it.

How does Sensitivity Original work?

Crest Sensitivity Original toothpaste contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to relief pain caused by sensitivity as well as reduction in the actual sensitivity. The toothpaste blocks off nerve signals so pain is relieved. Also, the fluoride in Sensitivity Original strengthens the tooth enamel to prevent further erosion and nerve exposure.

This toothpaste also has a minty taste to give fresh breath throughout the day, protecting from halitosis.

Recommended Usage

To gain the best sensitivity relief and protection, you should use this toothpaste every morning and night over a long period of time. If sensitivity persists, seek your dentist for further advice.

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