Crest Plus Scope Liquid Gel Toothpaste

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Crest plus Scope Liquid Gel Toothpaste is an innovative product among Crest’s oral hygiene range. It is a combination of Crest’s generic toothpaste and their Scope mouthwash. This is designed to provide consumers with a clean and fresh feeling that last throughout the day, in between brushing.

This product is a mere variation of Crest plus Scope toothpaste, however it has been formulated, as many people prefer using a gel to a paste. The gel is a gentle way of brushing teeth and feels smoother and lighter giving a more refreshing effect (although this is ultimately down to individual opinion).

Crest plus Scope Liquid Gel toothpaste provides consumers with all the beneficial results of other toothpastes in Crest’s range, just with the added power of a mouthwash for fresher breath. These benefits include protecting the teeth from cavities and decay, as well as defending gums from gum infection.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

This toothpaste is appropriate for use by all, however those who may find it more beneficial might be sufferers of halitosis (bad breath). This is because the product offers long-term relief from bad breath if used on a regular basis, so you can live your daily routine safe in the knowledge that your mouth is not harbouring any unpleasant odours.

Recommended Usage

Crest plus Scope Liquid Gel toothpaste should be used just like any other toothpaste. You should brush your teeth with it for about two minutes every morning and night. If you wish, you may use it to brush teeth after meals for extra fresh breath, as it is a gentle formula so should not cause any damage.

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