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Botox for Eyelids

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Botox has acquired a special place in the cultural conscious and common parlance.  What was once seen as a relatively specialist and indulgent treatment is now seen as comparatively widespread and acceptable, even desirable.  It is especially attractive as it requires practically no recovery time, can be carried out in minutes, and is non-permanent, with relatively low risk.  An injection of the Botox serum essentially numbs the muscles around the eyes (and/or forehead, depending on the location and extent of the injections), preventing the creasing and wrinkling of the skin.  It is, however, worth considering that excessive use of Botox could carry health risks as it does have toxic properties.  You must always ensure you have the procedure carried out by a qualified professional.  There are some alternative dermal fillers for wrinkles available: consultation with a specialist could advise you on these.

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