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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Results

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The results from a Blepharoplasty will vary from individual to individual.  However, once the initial bruising and swelling subsides, you should see an immediate improvement.  Assuming the procedure has been carried out competently, the scarring should be unobtrusive and minimal.  The full healing and scarring process can last between 6-24 months, although generally speaking Blepharoplasty scars heal very effectively. 

Long Term Effects of Blepharoplasty

The final result of your surgery can be judged between 3-6 months after the procedure itself.  By this point you should have achieved the optimal improvement in the appearance of your eyelids.  Diligent aftercare and maintenance of lifestyle changes (no smoking, good diet, rest and exercise) will help maintain the beneficial effects of your surgery. 

It is important to remember that a Blepharoplasty will not radically alter the shape of your eyes, or eradicate extensive lines around them.  Blepharoplasty will improve the appearance of some wrinkling around the eye, but if you wish to achieve a more completely rejuvenated look, then you will need to discuss additional or complimentary procedures with your surgeon.

Scarring after Blepharoplasty

The risk of permanent scarring is minimal if the surgery is performed by an experienced professional.  It is advantageous that in a Blepharoplasty the surgical incisions are made along natural folds in the skin around the eye, making scars much easier to conceal.  You should have follow up consultations with your surgeon as a matter of course, where your progress can be assessed. 

Psychological Effects of Blepharoplasty

You need to be realistic from the outset about your expectations of the results of your Blepharoplasty.  Although the initial weeks may seem long and painful, a positive outlook will help.  If you’ve forged a good relationship with your surgeon, and you follow the post-operative instructions, you’ll soon see a marked improvement in your appearance, with the resultant benefits for your self-esteem and feelings about your appearance. 

How Long the Results from Blepharoplasty Last

The effects of a Blepharoplasty are permanent, although will fade slowly with time as the skin will continue to age naturally.  The length of the aesthetic effect will be largely determined by the natural condition of your skin, and the care you take of your eyes after your operation. 

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