Advantages of the Contraceptive Pill

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The contraceptive pill has a number of advantages that make it such a popular method of contraception. Many women believe that the benefits of the pill outweigh any of the risks and most are happy to use this form of contraception.

Ultimately the main advantage of the pill is its effectiveness. As long as it is used correctly it has over a 99% effective rate. This means that if 100 women used the contraceptive pill correctly, less than one of them would fall pregnant in a year. Therefore, most women opt for this method over others that have a lower success rate such as a diaphragm which is 92-96% effective.

The contraceptive pill is releasing hormones to affect your menstrual cycle so it will have an effect on your periods, most of them for the better. It will make your periods more regular as when you have a break, you will have a bleed. Therefore, you won’t be caught off guard as you can usually pinpoint the day in which your period will start. The hormones are also thinning your uterus lining and as this is the part that breaks down and causes the period, it means your period will be lighter and shorter as there is less uterus lining than before. Also, pain arises from the breakdown of the lining and is reduced due to the fact that there is not as much lining to break down. In fact, the pill has been given to some women who are not sexually active, to control the pain and regulate their cycle.

Another advantage is that it can reduce the risk of anaemia. Periods can be one of the main contributors to anaemia in pre menopausal women as there may be too much blood loss compared to the amount of iron intake that you have. The pill lessens the amount of blood loss, therefore reducing the chance of anaemia.

The pill has been linked to a number of diseases and health scares have arisen since it was first used. But what most people do not realize is that it can actually protect you against some cancers and diseases. A study was carried out on

46,000 women who had been on the pill for a number of years and it was found that they were less likely to die of cancer, heart disease or a stroke when compared to the rest of the population. It reduces your risk of ovarian cancer and there have been links between reduction in breast cancer and the pill. You are more protected from ovarian cysts if you are using the contraceptive pill.

The contraceptive pill can also protect you from pelvic inflammatory disease. This is inflammation of the pelvis, genital tract and the womb due to an infection of bacteria. The pill reduces the chance of you contracting this inflammation as it creates a mucous plug which not only stops sperm from reaching your fallopian tubes, but stops bacteria from entering your vagina and causing harm.

The contraceptive pill may also help clear up any acne you have. Some women find that the contraceptive pill makes their skin clearer and reduces the amount of spots that they get throughout the month. However, not everyone will experience this advantage.

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