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Dianette is a brand of pill that is primarily used to treat skin conditions in women. It is a form of contraceptive pill because of the hormones that it contains but it is not prescribed exclusively for contraceptive reasons. It is also used to treat a condition called histruism, which is where you experience excessive hair growth over your body.

It contains two hormones, one that resembles oestrogen and one that is called an anti- androgen. There is 35mg of ethinylestradiol, the synthetic derivative of oestrogen and 2mg of cyproterone acetate, which is the anti- androgen. They stop greasy skin and decrease the hair growth across your body. An advantage to Dianette is that is provides effective contraception. However, it is never prescribed as a contraceptive pill and once the skin condition has been cleared, you will be transferred to another brand of contraceptive pill if you still want the protection.

Dianette classes as a monophasic 21-day pill, which means that each pill contains the same amount of hormones in it as all of the other pills in the pack. There are 21 pills in the strip and you take one a day at the same time every day for 21 days. You then have a period of 7 days where you will not take the pills and you will experience a withdrawal bleed.

Dianette is effective in reducing skin conditions and histruism. It is advantageous to a lot of women with these conditions because it also provides protection against pregnancy. Like any contraceptive pill, it is an efficient way to prevent pregnancy when used correctly and it doesn’t interfere with sex. It is important to remember however; that no contraceptive pill will protect you against sexually transmitted infections. The only method of contraception that will do so is condoms.

This brand of contraceptive pill is manufactured by Bayer and aside from containing the active hormones, it also contains lactose, maize titanium dioxide, polyethylene, sucrose, magnesium stearate, glycol, glycerol and yellow ferric oxide pigments. Therefore, if you have lactose intolerance, you should let your doctor know before they transcribe you Dianette.

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