Logynon ED Contraceptive Pill

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Logynon ED is another form of Logynon that differs in the fact that you take a pill every day. It has exactly the same risks, side effects, suitability and interactions with medication. The only difference between the two types of Logynon is that Logynon ED has more pills.

Logynon Ed stands for every day pill and in this pack there are four types of contraceptive pill. There are 21 pills that are the same as Logynon so there are three types of pill, each with varying amounts of the hormones oestrogen and progestogen. In addition, there are seven larger pills at the end of the strip. These do not contain any active hormones within them and they are sole use is to get you in the routine of taking a pill every day. When you take these inactive pills, the week you take them will be the same as a withdrawal week. There are no hormones to control the uterus lining so it will break down and you will experience a withdrawal bleed.

You take Logynon every day of your cycle, making sure that you take them in the correct order. When you have finished a pack, you continue straight on to the next one without taking a break. This form of contraceptive pill is designed so that you do not have to stop taking pills so you do not forget when you need to start. It is very easy to have a pill free break and then forget what day you need to open a new strip so Logynon ED eliminates this risk by providing a routine. You just have to remember to take a pill every day in order to be protected from pregnancy.

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