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Ovysmen is a combined contraceptive pill that is manufactured by the company Janssen Cilag. It contains two hormones that are similar to oestrogen and progestogen and they control the menstrual cycle to prevent pregnancy. The pill is over 99% effective if used correctly and it is a very reliable method of contraception.

Ovysmen is a monophasic pill so each pill contains the same amount of hormones. There are 500 micrograms of the progestogen derivative norethisterone and 35 micrograms of ethinylestradiol, which is the oestrogen derivative. It is this combination of hormones that allows the pill to control the menstrual cycle by preventing an egg from being released, thickening the mucous and thinning the lining of the uterus.

Every strip of Ovysmen represents one menstrual cycle. With this form of contraceptive pill, you take one pill every day at the same time every day for 21 days. Once you have finished the strip, you then have a time frame of seven days in which you do not take any pills. This is your withdrawal bleed week and you will experience a bleed similar to a period except it will be lighter and shorter than usual. Once you have had one week that is pill free, you start a new strip on the eighth pill free day.

The pill is very effective if it is used correctly. It is very reliable and has a 99% success rate. It is also easily reversible so if you want to stop using the pill, its effects are reversed within 24 hours.  It is also very discreet and doesn’t interfere with sex. It can also have an effect on your period by reducing heavy painful periods and making them more regular so you know when you will have one. However, it will not protect you from any sexually transmitted infections and the only method of contraception that can do so is condoms.

Each pill contains the active hormones oestrogen and progestogen as well as a number of inactive ingredients. These include lactose, pregelatinised starch and magnesium stearate. Therefore, you should mention any sugar intolerances to your doctor.

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